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The "High_Voltage_Tattoo" charismatic book Kat Von D, the star of LA Ink, with writer Anthony Bozza (author of best-sellers Slash and Tommyland ) opens the door to the world of contemporary tattooing, the way only a true insider can. The High Voltage Tattoo book will be targeted to the tattoo audience, the more youthful demographic that actively gets tattoos. It will include Kat's story, what inspires her, information about her show and her shop, her sketches, and her personal tattoos (she's a walking tattoo). The thrust of the book is on her point of view on tattooing now: the work they finds inspirational, past and present; great tattoo artists, from a classic artist like Sailor Jerry to people they admires who are working around the globe.The book will feature the work of and profiles of/interviews with a range of contemporary tattoo artists. It will also include plenty of profiles of interviews with individuals who have fascinating tattoos and all the tales behind them, which is a intriguing aspect of her show.


The "High Voltage Tattoo" book will have a powerful voyeuristic, human interest factor along with a wealth of great line art and photography, which is being shot for the book by Lionel Deloy. Finally, the book will include humourous visual thematic portfolios of Kat's work and aspects of tattooing they finds compelling. The examples include: Kat's portrait tattoos (for which they is famous), great work in typography, back pieces, memorials, body suits, and more.

Title: High Voltage Tattoo
Publisher: Collins Design
Photographer: Lionel Deluy
ISBN: 9780061684388
Publication date: February 2009
Length: 261mm
Width: 211mm
Thickness: 23mm
Weight: 930g
Edition: illustrated edition
Pages: 174
Illustrations: Illustrated
Readership: Age: 15 - 18

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